The doldrums of life
Always filling the heart
suffocating the emotional being
lack of choices, thrown into dilemma
cannot escape, peripheral vision is encroached with darkness

What is the peace to seek
Where is it
What does it feel like to be free?

The pain resonates with the pulse
it never leaves, only arising like the tides
Like piercing cold waves hitting the heart

Maybe i‘ve totally lost it
lost the mind, the identity
the way to be free
to be sane and normal like (everyone) else
A train wreck that went off the rails in a long stretch of barren desert
without a single wind to mark its existence

But then again, the existence doesn’t matter, it will not in time’s clutches

i just seek/wish for an exit, an escape from this pit, the abyss with no light
any ways would be fine, even if it means to no longer exist in this physical cage


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