Out Of

My existence.
How futile my soul
If I had one.

My body.
An empty bottle
Brimmed full with tears.

My position.
Out of place
And out of time.

Where do I tread?
Where do I belong?
Where do I fall on?

This arrows shoots Nowhere
Nowhere is where I’ve gone.



How surreal it seems,
The world

Tick..Tock..Tick no more,
Has everything slowed down
Or am I moving too fast?

You look the same
Though you’ve moved on

We’re timezones apart
Though we’re right beside each other.
How long has it been…

To see your joy with others
I feel forlorn
To see your miserable sob
I feel dismay

All shall atrophy
But my heart shan’t wither

With time, the oceans shall dry
With time, the lands shall flood
But with time, I shall stand firm
With time, I shall wait for you

If only the clock runs on

The Dream About Her.

The dream about her
So heartwarming and so friendly
The peace and the serenity
So different she was
So welcoming and so close
We could talk without shying away
Talking about our similarity
Like waves crashing into each other
Into one
We were so happy
Like doves chasing each other
So carefree
Oh how I wish it wasn’t a dream
Oh now we are so distant
Like waves drifting apart
Dissipating into the sea
Oh how I hope it was the reality