In the dark of night,
As I closed my eyes
There it was
The nightmare started.

Thoughts rushed through my head
Galloping faster, faster and faster
Filling me with dread
And horror.

As the clock ticked away
It blindly darted like short daggers
Slowly draining me
With fear instilled.

But I wasn’t even asleep. Not yet.
For I couldn’t.

Another sleepless night.


For I’m Not That Great

Don’t follow me

Into the wilderness, like my pack of wolves

For I’m not that great

Don’t forsake your loved ones

To pursuit after me

For I’m not that great

Don’t preach what I say

And bend it into a religion

For I’m not that great

Don’t trust me to push you to the summit

Or let you soar on my wings

For I’m not that great

I’m not that great…

Not at all